Feeling blessed

naa chitti talli navvulo naa chinnatanaanni vetukkutunnaa….
ammanee prapancham ane aa maatalki ardham telusukuntunna…
naa baalyaanni tirigi jeevinchataniki vachhina naa kantipaapalato kotta lokalani choostunnaa……
I love my kids……just love to be with them…

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Children are mere images of their parents….

         Yes,its true. Children are mere mirror images of their parents. They learn everything from us. The language,guestures,expressions,modulations ,conversations, table manners,diet and what not. A child learns everything from his parents. If you are ill-mannered, in some way or the other, your child is definetly going to pick that up soon.
         Ill-manners and bad habits are viral. They spread very fast, giving you little chance to notice or even mend. Once they entr your system, its really tough to get of them. So, before you become parents, get rid of your bad habits or else be ready to face the concequences.
         Don’t say that mother is alone responsible for the child’s mis-behaviour. Its not true, the child evenly picks his ways from both the parents. So,definetly both father and mother are equally responsible for it. Stop blaming each other and start acting immediately. First mend your ways and then slowly start training the child. Once you let them know the effects of the bad habit,they picked up, they will definetly try mending their ways.
         Think of what you want your children to be and then act accordingly. Never ever forget that,children the mirrors that just reflect, their parents images….so, better be cautious and aware of what you are going to face.think and act…before its too late.

Sri Sudha from wordpress.com