Does our Education System need a roll back??

             Earlier system of education made the students stay close to the nature, learn the basics skills of life in the guidance of the teachers. They learnt all the necessary skills to be self-sufficient and also mastered the subjects of their choice. They had a stress-free environment. 

            But today,education is very much different. It is more a virtual world,where the students interest doesn’t matter at all. They are made to learn all the subjects by force and there isn’t any basic skills of life involved. They are more the fishes in a pond. If taken out, they can’t survive. This would lead to  definite choas.

    We have vast banks of knowledge in the form of Vedas,where all the facts have been established with vivid explanation. Plethora of subjects were covered under them. They have embibed in as customs and traditions to ensure that the society functions smoothly. They made the individuals self-sufficient and also a sociale empowering the nation on the whole.

     So, i feel there is the need to bring back the earlier education system so as to ensure our country’s prosperity and growth on the global front. Vedic customs and traditions boost the learning skills,making education stress-free. This will let the individuals to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Opinion on bringing back Vedic culture and traditions to current day Education…

         Even before Plato,Copernicus,Archimedis and Enstein,its our vedas that have established the scientific facts with vivid explanation and proofs. They include each branch of the modern day science. Be it mathematics, astrophysics,chemistry, medicine or astronomy they have explanations and thematically proofs established in our vedas.     

          This vast knowledge has now become historic scriptures as our education system under went major transitions. Though there are very few attempts to rescue, our knowledge banks have almost been sealed. 
Earlier,during the vedicperiod , there were customs and traditions to be observed by each individual. This was to ensure that the social system would function smoothly and knowledge was imparted as values and traditions. This made the lives of people prosperous and self-sufficient. 

          It is today, very much needed,to instill those values and morals in the individuals. This can only start with alternation to the education system. Bringing back the traditions and customs to the new age education, individual not only develops externally but also internally. Making one self-sufficient,means Cleansing the roots, that helps the growth of the society and then our nation as a whole.

So,for me, bringing back the vedicperiod cultures and traditions to the education system will definitely lead to empowering the individuals, who are the foundation to a prosperous nation.

My favorite toy: bojo


Hello friends!! Do you know who this is?? This is my favoirite toy. I call it “bojo”. I received this as a present on my second birthday. My aunt had bought me my bojo. He is my best buddy now!!

We sing n we play,
Tararum pum pum, tararum pum pum,
We hop n we jump,
Tararum pum pum,tararum pum pum

I always carry my bojo with me… I love the company of bojo and thanks a lot to my aunt for bringing bojo home. I share bojo with my lil brother too. I am very happy to introduce him to you all. Thank you

Story of a girl, who inspires

Let me tell u the story of girl…who hails from the small state of Tripura in the north east India. She was 8years old, when she first met her coach. She was flat footed too. This wasn’t at all good for a gymnast, as flat foot meant a bad landing. Bad landing is failure of a gymnast. He tried hard to restructure her foot and trained her the best. She was arjuna to the guru drona…more dedicated and hardworking. It is all this strenuous job made her first gymnast to represent india at Common Wealth Games and then at Olympics.

she dashed into the finals of “vault” in artistic gymnastics of Rio Summer Olympics,2016.Surprised everyone. In the final, she performed the toughest act of “pradunova”, which other gymnasts wouldn’t ever dare to. Alas, she lost bronze medal just by 0.15points. She lost the medal, But won 120million indian hearts. She is Deepa karmakar..and her coach is Bisweswar Nandi.

India salutes to this women…who inspires many more to come forward against all odds and stand strong…

Water drop


I’m a lil water  drop(2)
As  u can see(2)

I fill two thirds of mother earth,
and two thirds of each one of you (I’m a lil)

I come as water, vapour n ice,
Vanished in one form – rotate among thrice( I’m a lil)

Precious I am  – So store me well,
shortage of me – Is sure to kill(I’m a lil)

When I pour down as rain,
don’t let me go- down the drain,
hold me in harvesting tanks,
recharge your bores n your ponds(I’m a lil)