My Mother, My guide, My pride

No fear will reach me,
No failure will hurt me,
No happiness shall leave me,
No happenings shall hurt me,
When she is by my side,
She is my world that words could mean,
My mother,my guide, my pride.

May no tears roll down her eyes,
May no fears wake her up at nights,
May no pain hurt her any more,
May no strain weaken her galore,
She is my world that words could mean,
My mother, my guide, my pride

You mean a whole world to me AMMA



AMMA it is the sweetest of the words, one could ever say…
Amma,  I don’t remember if I ever told you…
U mean a whole world to me,
I still remember the way you stood strong against all odds and just said come on…there is So much more to grab…
You started your degree So as make us learn the value of education,
You spent sleepless nights So as to take care of our healths,
You gave up your exams just to attend us at school,
You stitched all day, just make us look more pretty,
You cooked us dishes, to make us healthy n strong,
You gave up a nice job, So as to stay close to us,
You gave me direction when I was lost,
You held us high,whenever we fell,
You took all the pain, to make us smile,
You made us learn the value of giving, happiness in sharing,
You always gave us unconditional love,
You are my strength, my support,my inspiration, my guide, my teacher and what not….
AMMA you mean a whole world to me…
I wish you celebrate many more birthdays as this…

Sri Sudha from