My favorite toy: bojo


Hello friends!! Do you know who this is?? This is my favoirite toy. I call it “bojo”. I received this as a present on my second birthday. My aunt had bought me my bojo. He is my best buddy now!!

We sing n we play,
Tararum pum pum, tararum pum pum,
We hop n we jump,
Tararum pum pum,tararum pum pum

I always carry my bojo with me… I love the company of bojo and thanks a lot to my aunt for bringing bojo home. I share bojo with my lil brother too. I am very happy to introduce him to you all. Thank you

Story of a girl, who inspires

Let me tell u the story of girl…who hails from the small state of Tripura in the north east India. She was 8years old, when she first met her coach. She was flat footed too. This wasn’t at all good for a gymnast, as flat foot meant a bad landing. Bad landing is failure of a gymnast. He tried hard to restructure her foot and trained her the best. She was arjuna to the guru drona…more dedicated and hardworking. It is all this strenuous job made her first gymnast to represent india at Common Wealth Games and then at Olympics.

she dashed into the finals of “vault” in artistic gymnastics of Rio Summer Olympics,2016.Surprised everyone. In the final, she performed the toughest act of “pradunova”, which other gymnasts wouldn’t ever dare to. Alas, she lost bronze medal just by 0.15points. She lost the medal, But won 120million indian hearts. She is Deepa karmakar..and her coach is Bisweswar Nandi.

India salutes to this women…who inspires many more to come forward against all odds and stand strong…



      During the vanavaasa(stay in the forest), Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lakshman were passing through this place. It was hot and mother Sita became thirsty. She asked Lakshman if he had some water in the pot he had. Lakshman replied with a “NO”.
     Then Lord Rama dug out the hill, with his hands, at seven places, one a lil above the other. Water came up in the top most rock pot and flowed downwards. Mother Sita drank the water and fulfilled her thirst. The water was so clear, pure and sweet.

    This isn’t any fiction, But the history beyond the rockpots(gundams) on the hillock at Ramagundam, my home town.The water in them does never dry up nor overflow. If drawn, same amount of water fills back….

    Thanks Sue, for this prompt…made me write about my hometown.


A story using these words : decided, sprang, excited, snatched, chartered, puzzled, disappeared, scattered, unexpected and reached.

All these words directly pointing me to only one person…our new gymnastic hero..Dipa Karmakar. Read’s the story

Dipa at Rio

She was very much excited on her selection to the India Olympic squad. Nobody could snatch this golden oppurtunity from her. She took the chartered flight, along with other participants, and reached Rio,Brazil for the Summer Olympics. In the qualifying round, she sprang on the board, like a doll, puzzled everyone by great landing. She reached the final of vault gymnastics and became the first Indian to do this. In the final, she decided to give the best and also struck to her decission. But unexpected and exceptional later performances scattered her dream of winning the medal. Her name disappeared from the medallion board ..still she is a winner. A winner of 100million Indian hearts. She is a great fighter and now an inspiration to many others..she is our hero…she is Dipa Karmakar.