Hi I’m Sri Sudha….

Kalaaniki naaku vunna anubandam paatade…
Kaani ….
naa abhiruchulaku addam…

Neti digital prapancham kosame naa ee blog…

idi neenu..naa prapancham…

Please don’t mind to find these words in an alien language,they are of my mother tounge Telugu., I just love to write and converse in it..

What i said is…
I have been penning down for years now..
But, I just found a new way to store it all..
My blog is the way that entices all in this digital world..
this is me and my world….



18 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was wondering which language it is, thanks for letting us know. You have a great family, Sudha, and your name sounds so sweet. I am familiar with the word Sudha, it sounds like a Bengali word. All the best to you and your family. 🙂

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    1. thanks a ton,ranu. Sudha is a sanskrit word and it means amrit or sweet…we have three kids, akshaya srinidhi, srinitya n maruti srikar(son)…srinitya n srikar are twins…thanks again


  2. It was interesting to see Telugu. I’m glad you changed to English eventually, though. I’m afraid I wasn’t getting very much (actually any) of the meaning, although I liked the look of the language. 🙂


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