Love of my life

With each passing day,

You make my life so beautiful…..

Surprising me in one or the other way,

You made years run faster…

You made me feel younger,

With each passing day,

You make my life so beautiful….

Everyday i just pray 

          that your smiles stay fresh,

May all the troubles touch me

            before they come on you…..

Let me bear the pain for you….

Let me love you more and more


With each passing day,

You make my life so beautiful….

2017©Sri Sudha K

Happy Anniversary


Dear Amma n Naanna,
Yes .. I love calling you Amma n Naanna…
38years of togetherness…Wow!! You set an example How a couple should really be..

You don’t just compliment each other…
      But, complete each other…
You struggle together, filling in the emptiness
      And built a love nest….
You together, dreamt big for us…
      And did all that – much more than that you could really do…
You gave us everything
      Even before We told you…
You love us more and more, with each day passing by…
You stand as our ground holding us tight…
You gave us wings n cheer us fly…
How can We thank you?? Is really a thanks enough??
Not really….
We shall love you….
   We shall live, the way you do…
       We shall take care of you….

We wish you celebrate many more anniversaries together with all of us….

My 100th post…

This is my 100th post on My Blog
I really am very happy and feeling proud to be a part of this wonderful blogging world..
I have a pretty long thank you list…but, to keep it crisp and short-
My parents, my family(very much extended) , my kids, my friends(from all phases) and very special WordPress mates….
Thanks everyone…..
For all your encouragement and support…
I wish that this relationship continues for long….

The five C’s of a beautiful relationship…

After enjoying 12 years of wedding bliss and being blessed three lovely children, I’m definitely in a position to tell you about the five C’s can make your relationship successful. The five C’s I’m talking about are.. Commitment, Coordination, Cooperation, Communication and Care(please check the links to each of these C’s in my earlier posts. Each of it has been detailed in those links)
     If you really are looking for a long standing relationship that you would like to have for a life time , then you must definitely dive in these five  C’s I was talking about.
   This is purely based on my personal experience and I just wanted to help the people who really are in search of help to improve or just trying to make  relationship work. All the best!!!

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Care..the key to unlock the blocks in a relationship..

Yes it is care,that can really unlock the blocks in a relationship.
      Care for everything,
Care for your partners feelings – this will make you  wonderful person and also pave the way for better communication,
Care for the needs of each other – this will help in cooperation and coordination, and make your partner remain committed,
Care for the inabilities  of your partner – this will lay a strong foundation in moulding yourself, and acceptance is the blessing you receive.
Care for everyone around – this will create the sense of commitment in your relationship and will definitely help you weave a lovely nest for your relationship to flourish.
   Just take care…you will, for sure, enjoy the bliss of your relationship.

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Coordination and Cooperation.. Commitments to successful relationship

     Coordination so simple as it sounds, isn’t really that easy when it comes to the real world of application. For a project to be completely done, there should be coordination between all the individuals and the forces both internal and external. Similarly, when in a relation, to make it run smoothly, there should be coordination between the partners. What ever the circumstances and the conditions are, they should never give this up. Coordination, helps the partners to understand each other in a better manner. As I said earlier,coordination is the most important commitment that each of the partners should make, before entering a relationship. Also remember that Coordination paves a path for better Communication.
       Coming to Cooperation,for a balance, there should be equal weights. And for a cart to run,there should be two wheels on either sides. When it comes to a relationship, the wheels are the partners and the cart is the relationship to which they are being attached. So as ensure a smooth run for the cart, called relationship, both the partners should cooperate with each other. Let it be sharing the duties or managing the finances, everything should be done together, or atleast be communicated. If they don’t take this as a commitment, and look out for differences, their relationship is definitely not going to work. So the second commitment, that is must, for  a relationship to run smoothly, is nothing else but, Cooperation.
       Now I hope that you got to know what are the two key Commitments for a successful relationship. They are nothing but,Coordination and Cooperation.

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Silence…will slowly kill your relationship…

Silence is definitely not gold. If silence has entered in your relationship,then its a warning bell. It will kill your relationship,for sure. Please open up and let your partner know about you. If you are silently taking up all that comes your way,then you are just inviting differences between both of you.

If you are doubtful about your partners reception of your problem,then just think of the ways of how you can put forth it. But,please do not choose to stay mute and keep your partner ignorant of what you are going through. There is nothing good or bad about making your intentions clear to your partner. Instead this will result in a mutual understanding between you two. This will help you relationship to grow and flourish.

If you start being mute,for the fear of acceptance,from your partner,you have chosen the wrong path. Hiding things,will call for distrust. When the partners don’t trust each other, how will the relations sustain. Trust is the foundation for any relationship. So, please sit together, and share your feelings about all that is happening to you. Have a listening ear too. This will strengthen your relationship. Communication is the key to any relationship.

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Children are mere images of their parents….

         Yes,its true. Children are mere mirror images of their parents. They learn everything from us. The language,guestures,expressions,modulations ,conversations, table manners,diet and what not. A child learns everything from his parents. If you are ill-mannered, in some way or the other, your child is definetly going to pick that up soon.
         Ill-manners and bad habits are viral. They spread very fast, giving you little chance to notice or even mend. Once they entr your system, its really tough to get of them. So, before you become parents, get rid of your bad habits or else be ready to face the concequences.
         Don’t say that mother is alone responsible for the child’s mis-behaviour. Its not true, the child evenly picks his ways from both the parents. So,definetly both father and mother are equally responsible for it. Stop blaming each other and start acting immediately. First mend your ways and then slowly start training the child. Once you let them know the effects of the bad habit,they picked up, they will definetly try mending their ways.
         Think of what you want your children to be and then act accordingly. Never ever forget that,children the mirrors that just reflect, their parents images….so, better be cautious and aware of what you are going to face.think and act…before its too late.

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When is it right time to start your family..

      These days marriages are getting late …reasons are many..everybody has turned money minded, ambitious trying to prove themselves and many more. Whatever the reason is,both the girl and the boy,are not ready to tie the wedlock till they are turning 30.
       At this age,men might still be strong,but when it comes to women, their internal organs start weakening,lessing their chances of bearing a baby. This deteoration multiples as they start groing older. This shall lead to several other complications. Lesser chances of conceiving, prone to abortions at early weeks, weaker womb that cannot carry the baby for full term, improper growth of the fetus, complications in the baby’s health and many more. I amn’t a doctor to put everything in detail, but my personal experience from friends,family and ofcourse myself , helped me gain knowledge of all these.
        Does your inner concious permit you to bring in an unhealthy child to this world?? Can you bear that your kid is unwell?? As you keep growing old, your body weakens, So you can hardly manage the needs of a present generation kid. Todays kids are all hyperactive and very demanding. They can’t wait for you to answer them a lil while after. It is now or never for them. Can you really bear this attitude after all those years of independence you enjoyed??? The answer is a big NO, for sure.
      So,its a little advice to all the couples who are going to tie knot, hurryup, don’t delay to start a family. To put up yourself in the perfect frame, have healthy children when you are young. This shall also ensure that as you grow old, there will be shoulders ready to bear you…all the best….

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