From a mother’s heart..


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Where have those days gone??
When have my children grown??
Playing all around were the kids..
Where have those days gone??
My home was ringing with their laughter,
always talking was my pretty daughter…
Where have those days gone??
When have my children grown??

Where have those days gone??
When have my children grown??
The time is just fleeting
Where have those days gone??
We were counting the stars at night,
Playing n talking were their right…
Where have those days gone??
When have my children grown??

Children are mere images of their parents….

         Yes,its true. Children are mere mirror images of their parents. They learn everything from us. The language,guestures,expressions,modulations ,conversations, table manners,diet and what not. A child learns everything from his parents. If you are ill-mannered, in some way or the other, your child is definetly going to pick that up soon.
         Ill-manners and bad habits are viral. They spread very fast, giving you little chance to notice or even mend. Once they entr your system, its really tough to get of them. So, before you become parents, get rid of your bad habits or else be ready to face the concequences.
         Don’t say that mother is alone responsible for the child’s mis-behaviour. Its not true, the child evenly picks his ways from both the parents. So,definetly both father and mother are equally responsible for it. Stop blaming each other and start acting immediately. First mend your ways and then slowly start training the child. Once you let them know the effects of the bad habit,they picked up, they will definetly try mending their ways.
         Think of what you want your children to be and then act accordingly. Never ever forget that,children the mirrors that just reflect, their parents images….so, better be cautious and aware of what you are going to face.think and act…before its too late.

Sri Sudha from

We shall give them wings…

   Every child is gifted. They have their own creative minds. They can create wonders, if recognised, and trained in the very direction where their interest lies. This is hard to believe, but very true.
     It is the parents, who out of possessiveness or say some inherent fears, don’t generally let the child follow his interests. Generally, parents turn over protective, saying that they have lost their childhood for So and So reasons. And So,they don’t want their child to go through the pain they had gone through. This is now mere foolishness, if you lost your childhood, for some reasons, How can you just say that your child might also lose it?? When you are behind him, with all your experiences, How can your child lose his way out???
      You missed out on your dreams. So,you know the pain behind it. Now,knowingly, why do want your child to follow your dreams, forgetting the fact that he has his own to chase. So dear parents,
let us just give wings,let them fly…
don’t worry,we are always behind them, to hold them, if they fall
Let them follow their dreams,
We shall lay the path,
Let them choose the destination,
We shall give them direction,
Let them reach there…
We shall celebrate it and feel proud….
If he fails to do So…
Don’t worry, we are always there to push him up and let him fly…
We shall give them wings and let them fly…

Sri Sudha from