Holi 2017

Happy Holi…. here are our celebrations…all natural…

Semal (moduga) ki laali, neemki (vepa)hariyali, laalshalgum(beetroot) ki kesariya, haldi(pasupu) ….celebrating spring with its natural Colors

It’s all in their eyes….festivity of celebrations…Holi hi!!

My three angels….springs of my life.

Hope you all fun too….Happy Holi..

Love of my life

With each passing day,

You make my life so beautiful…..

Surprising me in one or the other way,

You made years run faster…

You made me feel younger,

With each passing day,

You make my life so beautiful….

Everyday i just pray 

          that your smiles stay fresh,

May all the troubles touch me

            before they come on you…..

Let me bear the pain for you….

Let me love you more and more


With each passing day,

You make my life so beautiful….

2017©Sri Sudha K

Our Rakshabandan 2016

Srinidhi n Sharini with Sai

Sandhya with Sevita n Srikar


Nitya n Srikar
Sai n Nitya

Srikar n Srinidhi

Me with Sevita n Srikar

Srikar n Sharini

Srikar n Sevita

Bachha party with Amma n Naanna

We three sisters with our kids n parents

Our rakshabandan celebrations….

It was the first time ever the entire grand children of my parents(7) of them were together…Happiest moment ever…Though it was all in hurry..we could manage some snaps to keep the memories fresh….

Happy Rakshabandan…

Happy Birthday Nidhi Dear…

Me with my Angel Nidhi

11years back on this very day,
We were blessed with a lil Angel…
She was pretty just like a doll..
Lil hands n lil fingers…
Dimple cheeks and dark eyes..
Curly hair n pearly tone…
Rosy lips n cutey smile…

She brought in cheers to my family,
she was the first child to me,
        First grand child in my families…

She was our love, our pride…
As years pass on, she has become dearest…
When people say she looks like me…I feel proud; Yes, she our pride….

  With each day you grow- we’ll love you more,
We shall do our best to make you grow strong.
Any pain that comes your way would be blocked by us…

May God give us strength to do all that you need..

May you be blessed with health, wealth n happiness forever…

Nidhi: 10months old

Nidhi: 10yrs n 10months old

Maa Ugadi

Pulihaara..tamarind rice

Bobbatlu..sweet stuffed rotis

Me and my pretty daughters

Nitya n Nidhi

This is Me..SriSudha

Ugadi pachhadi..soup of six flavours

The six flavours of Ugadi Pachhadi

Idi maa “durmukhi” naama samvatsara Ugadi…
This is our new year celebration as per our calendar…
Wanna know more about this festival?? CLICK HERE

Good bye…


I know its hard to say goodbye …
But you chose your path and left us all behind..
To skies high and worlds unknown..

U will always be remembered ..
When there are blooming flowers
Sharing their scents…
When there are smiles
spreading cheers n joys…
When there are feet
Tapping to the tunes…
When there are secrets
Shared between friends…
When there are troubles
Fought with courage…

In all that we do, we shall definitely be missing u…
But do us favour ..
Take this message to worlds you travel
that your angels are too small to care of themselves,
so bless with immense strength, courage and all that they need to grow up strong…

Tears covered my eyes n words are now falling short..all I can just say is GOOD BYE

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