Taking rest

tired sun –  slipping into west,

tired day –  resting on night’s lap,

tired waves – taking rest on the bay,

tired clouds – having nothing to say,

tired souls – lying on the beach,

horizon seeking colourful strokes,

on the place where sky n sea meet…

rocks stand still like – promises we made..

taking rest from busybee lives…

2017@Sri Sudha K

Final place to rest


The strong rocky walls,
With a big iron gate,
Guard the place for the dead…

People take the dead,
Place them beneath the walls,
behind this big iron gate;

They say its heaven’s gate,
A place of rest for the dead,
Guarded by high walls….

Burial ground, with high walls n iron gate is final place to rest for the dead!!
———————————————–The Tritina…
~ It’s a ten line poem arranged in three stanzas of three lines, and ends with a single line.
~ The key words are the end of line words that become refrain and repeat.
~ Choose three words you’d associate with the image, words that will fall at the end of your lines.
~ Number them 1,2,3.
~ Your first stanza has three lines, with end of line words in the order 1,2,3.
~ Second stanza, the end of line words are in the order 3,1,2
~ Third stanza 2,3,1.
~ Last line uses all three words in order 1,2,3. ~ The lines don’t have to be any particular length but it’s usual for them to be all of the same length.