My Birthday- a dairy entry


Today is my birthday and I have turned 8years old today. Mom n Dad have already bought me favourite dresses, shoes, clips and choclates. Today I got up a lil early, at 5.30am. Mom n granny gave me the traditional oil bath and then I wore my new dress. Granny and Grandpa have come to bless me. They gave me a Nice colouring set( I was longing for that). Then we went to the temple and performed lil pooja and took blessings from granny, grandpa, mom n Dad. Mom made all my favourite dishes. I then went to school. I distributed choclates in the class and everybody wished me. In the evening I came back at 4pm. Got refreshed. Dad  n mom made all arrangements for my birthday party. Mom decorated the house with balloons n colour papers. She also made yummy snacks and dinner for my friends. My friends came at 6pm and I then cut the cake. We had some fun games and then dinner. Everybody enjoyed the party and I received many gifts. Everyone left by 10pm. I was tired by then, but couldn’t stop myself from unpacking the gifts. I receivied more gifts than ever. But the best one was from my Mom n Dad, They bought me the doll house and my registration to the summer camp in Simla .Ah!! They love me a lot and I love them, its time to bed. I must say, it was my best birthday….

1. A dairy entry locks in all the memories. It is always refreshing to recollect the past happenings.
2. We can also learn from our mistakes.
3. We can always get back to the missing links with one glance of past events.