Silence…will slowly kill your relationship…

Silence is definitely not gold. If silence has entered in your relationship,then its a warning bell. It will kill your relationship,for sure. Please open up and let your partner know about you. If you are silently taking up all that comes your way,then you are just inviting differences between both of you.

If you are doubtful about your partners reception of your problem,then just think of the ways of how you can put forth it. But,please do not choose to stay mute and keep your partner ignorant of what you are going through. There is nothing good or bad about making your intentions clear to your partner. Instead this will result in a mutual understanding between you two. This will help you relationship to grow and flourish.

If you start being mute,for the fear of acceptance,from your partner,you have chosen the wrong path. Hiding things,will call for distrust. When the partners don’t trust each other, how will the relations sustain. Trust is the foundation for any relationship. So, please sit together, and share your feelings about all that is happening to you. Have a listening ear too. This will strengthen your relationship. Communication is the key to any relationship.

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