Commitment…the reason behind a successful relationship

        Yes,definetly it is commitment, the reason behind a successful relationship. Commitment lessens the pain in little adjustments made in a relationship. Not everybody is perfect or imperfect. It is your opinion about others, that creates perfection or imperfection. Nobody can suddenly become perfect or imperfect.Just stop being judgemental and then see the results.
       In a relationship, it is necessary for both the partners to adjust themselves. Changes are must. Accept this truth. So, little changes will definetly make a great difference in your relationship. You shall win the trust of your partner. This will add charm to your relationship.
         If you are commited to a relationship, with all your heart, there will definetly be a beautiful atmosphere around you. Though you are admant in giving up certain habits,the aura of your relationship will for sure help you get rid of that too. You shall learn the joy of giving. This will make you a better human being.
         Relationship cannot be maintained if only one partner is commited to it. Commitment should be on either sides. This will make the relationship work and also grow stronger. So, if you are ready for this, then definetly you will turnout to be the best partner ever…

Sri Sudha from