Voice from past



Gone by are those lovely old days,
Silly child plays,
Under the mango tree,
All tension free….

There isn’t any trace of those days now,
All solid paths now,
There aren’t mud scents,
Bicycles for rents….

All my senses just remind me,
My favourite  time,
I wish they’re back,
With more fun pack….

This is a Minute verse, with
~ 3 stanzas of 4lines each and 60syllables in total
~ 8-4-4-4 is the syllable pattern for each stanza
~ aabb ccdd eeff is the rhyme scheme

They are in love


When you just scoop the secret,
why to regret,
No one shall let
You know they met…

That they met at the bend of road,
And then just rode,
Down the hill side,
In nature wide….

What more proof would you like to have??
Share if you have…
They are in love,
forever n now…
This is a Minute poem(60 syllables), with
~ 3 stanzas of 4 lines each
~ first line of each stanza has 8 syllables
~ 2,3 n 4 lines have 4 syllables each
~ aabb ccdd eeff is the rhyme scheme

For you…


With each day’s break – I just wait
With much gaite –
I just look far,
To see your car…

Just like those anxious waves,
My lil heart paves…
A path for you
To just return….

Will you ever come back to me my dear??
Without you near,
I’m all in tears
Surrounded by fears….

Minute poem has:
~ 12 lines and 60 syllables in total
~ 3 stanzas of four lines each
~ 8-4-4-4 is the syllable count per line
~ Rhyme scheme is aabb ccdd eeff