Lemonade bun,drizzled with honey


Under the scorching summer sun,
I baked a lemonade bun,
As written on slate,
Decorated the plate,
Drizzled it wid honey and just waited for my turn….


On a foggy morning, on my kitchen counter they lay,

fresh lemons n oranges, in a tray,

sipping mountain dew,

I learnt some lessons new,

baked a lemonade bun, drizzled it with honey: “WOW! this really made my day”


“MIST” being the prompt I take,

here is the lemonade bun I bake,

sipping mountain dew,

ideas new started to brew,

drizzled the bun with honey, fogged it up in orange mist and finally made it look a cake!!



Limerick… never ending,everlasting and immortal


I have been posting for Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry Challenge for the past four weeks,but never new what a Limerick was. Now that I have learnt what a Limerick is, this is my first try for this week’s prompt: Immortal

Week after week, when a prompt is given,
words from our minds and lives come driven,
To this very portal,
and just become immortal,
I wish this series is never-ending, everlasting n infinitely written;

Now that I have learnt what Limericks are.. let me tell you how they are written:

Welcome to be magical world of limericks,
They are five lines of word bricks,
One,two n five end in a rhyme,
Three n four are crisp n chime,
Fifth is the icing on top,that collects all the emotional sticks.


With Rashmi’s inspiration,
I just added a new section,
In my blog,
A permanent log,
Called the Limericks,my new found destination.

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Happiness could really be like…

Happiness could really be …
A friendship made, a memory that doesn’t fade,
A promise kept, a fear that left,
A dream cherished, a target accomplished,
A love forever, a journey together,

Its just like…
A fireplace in chilling night,
A shade in scorching sun,
An umbrella in pouring rain…
A song sung, a lyric written,
An artifact made, a poem penned,

Happiness is…
Beauty in all that we see,
Love in all that we do,
Care for all that we have,
Share of what we make…


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How nice could it be…


As I was staring at those fallen leaves..
My thoughts started knitting weaves..
How nice could it be..
If i could shed all my worries n pains..
Just as the trees did it during the fall…
If i could grow still stronger..
As the tender leaves from rakes..
How nice could it be..
If i bore the flowers of smiles forever
spreading the scents of cheer n joy..
Now i could pen..
That this would be my new resolution..
I shall shed all my fears n bear the blossoms of smiles…

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