A mother carries
The child in her womb for about

A period of 10 months ..

A father carries
The child’s responsibilities
For a lifetime!!




Nindaina nibbaram,
Cheragani chirunavvu,
Kastaala kadalilo kaastainaa tonakani tanam,
Badanu paiki panchani manodairyam…
Aadapillalani alusu cheyani goppagunam,
vidyabuddulu, viluvalanu panchi penchetanam…
meere maa nadiche daivam,
Meere maa dairyam…
Niluvettu premaku pratiroopam…
Sahanaaniki saakshee roopam…
Meere maa nadiche daivam….


Happy Anniversary


Dear Amma n Naanna,
Yes .. I love calling you Amma n Naanna…
38years of togetherness…Wow!! You set an example How a couple should really be..

You don’t just compliment each other…
      But, complete each other…
You struggle together, filling in the emptiness
      And built a love nest….
You together, dreamt big for us…
      And did all that – much more than that you could really do…
You gave us everything
      Even before We told you…
You love us more and more, with each day passing by…
You stand as our ground holding us tight…
You gave us wings n cheer us fly…
How can We thank you?? Is really a thanks enough??
Not really….
We shall love you….
   We shall live, the way you do…
       We shall take care of you….

We wish you celebrate many more anniversaries together with all of us….

To DAD… With Love



you are the ground – to hold us high,
You are the sky- to make us fly,
You are the eyes – to dream big for us,
You are the cry – to the pain we had…
You are the pride – to raise us well…
You are the inspiration – to lift our spirits,
You are the meaning – to selfless love,
You are the best in all that you did,
You are the best in all that could be measured…
Words will fall short if we have speak up for you,
But, We love you more n more…
Thankyou for being there for us,
Holding us tight in all that We do…
We love you….



(5) Words: | DRIFT | BREATHE | LIGHT | HOLD | LIFE |

Drifting in to a new family,
Holding the pride of maternal home,
She does become the light of new home…..
She holds the pride n honor of the new family,
And also breathes in life to her home,
Bores the light of the family in her womb,
Turns the house to a loving home…
Nurtures the new lives as a comb…

-this is a salute to all the women, who weave families together n form new generation with So much love …
* This is a “san san” – an eight line poem using three images/words repeated three times and a rhyme scheme that goes: abcabdcd

When is it right time to start your family..

      These days marriages are getting late …reasons are many..everybody has turned money minded, ambitious trying to prove themselves and many more. Whatever the reason is,both the girl and the boy,are not ready to tie the wedlock till they are turning 30.
       At this age,men might still be strong,but when it comes to women, their internal organs start weakening,lessing their chances of bearing a baby. This deteoration multiples as they start groing older. This shall lead to several other complications. Lesser chances of conceiving, prone to abortions at early weeks, weaker womb that cannot carry the baby for full term, improper growth of the fetus, complications in the baby’s health and many more. I amn’t a doctor to put everything in detail, but my personal experience from friends,family and ofcourse myself , helped me gain knowledge of all these.
        Does your inner concious permit you to bring in an unhealthy child to this world?? Can you bear that your kid is unwell?? As you keep growing old, your body weakens, So you can hardly manage the needs of a present generation kid. Todays kids are all hyperactive and very demanding. They can’t wait for you to answer them a lil while after. It is now or never for them. Can you really bear this attitude after all those years of independence you enjoyed??? The answer is a big NO, for sure.
      So,its a little advice to all the couples who are going to tie knot, hurryup, don’t delay to start a family. To put up yourself in the perfect frame, have healthy children when you are young. This shall also ensure that as you grow old, there will be shoulders ready to bear you…all the best….

Sri Sudha from