fall has come, ripped
all Her leaves- made her leaf less;
But not a life less…

leafless she just stands
the chilling winds; But with hope
that the spring would come

the spring would bring back
all her leaves and blooms, making
her smiles spread the cheers

leafless isn’t lifeless
hope always makes you stand – as,
after “fall” there’s “spring”!!

Last words..


The light is gone, like you left me…
Life is still as the waters so clear…
With intention to drench me – full….

Tears flow out in stream – as you can see,
I’m standing still – as you aren’t near…
All the colours are gone – everything dull…

Soaked my will and left no key,
why have you done this to me dear??
Days dark – now going to unfurl….

How can I just be back to life??
When I just hurt myself with knife…..