My daughter – My Angel

Touch of the dew drops
Add charm to curly petals
the morning beauty
Like the rosy lips of hers
Who rules the beats of my heart


like the blooming bud
with the touch of pearly dew
mist scents adding charm
she graced my life with a smile
and a pretty warm tight hug

Happy Birthday Nidhi Dear…

Me with my Angel Nidhi

11years back on this very day,
We were blessed with a lil Angel…
She was pretty just like a doll..
Lil hands n lil fingers…
Dimple cheeks and dark eyes..
Curly hair n pearly tone…
Rosy lips n cutey smile…

She brought in cheers to my family,
she was the first child to me,
        First grand child in my families…

She was our love, our pride…
As years pass on, she has become dearest…
When people say she looks like me…I feel proud; Yes, she our pride….

  With each day you grow- we’ll love you more,
We shall do our best to make you grow strong.
Any pain that comes your way would be blocked by us…

May God give us strength to do all that you need..

May you be blessed with health, wealth n happiness forever…

Nidhi: 10months old

Nidhi: 10yrs n 10months old