Prompt words:  Change & Mind

Change is the thing – we
can neither avoid nor escape
better fix our minds…

Innovation leads to transformation

      Only thing in the entire universe, that is sure to happen is “change”. No one can ever stop it. Initially, Change is opposed by many. But, when the hurdle of acceptance is answered by innovation, transformation is sure to happen.

       The electric blub, telephone, x rays are innovations that brought in transformation and opened the gates  to the current world, where we now live in. Dreaming bigger and better ignites the creative corners of the brain to innovate things that transform our lives to be more simpler n wiser and better.

       Necessicity is the mother of invention.Primitive man invented fire by rubbing stones. This transformed his way of eating n protecting himself from cold. He  cut logs of wood into circles n rolled them…this lead to the invention of wheel n transformed his way of  transportation…

      These were the two intial innovations that transformed the style of living. Then on, each necessisity, lead to creative thoughts. These thoughts, when given proper shape, resulted in the inventions that transformed our lives. Electricity, telephone n computer were the middle age inventions that transformed our lives. Now,we can hardly imagine our lives Without them.

        Advance of science n techonology had unlocked more n more mystries, giving wings to our creative thoughts And resulting in innumerous inventions. Inventions that have transformed us in to better, stronger n healtheir race So that now we are able to go insearch of new home for ourselves beyond our planet into the vast space….