Pot painting


How is this lil pot??

This pretty easy to make. Choose a pot of yours choice, colour it as you like. Here I used rangeela colors directly. Then with mseal make the shapes you like and place it on the pot. Let it dry and become hard. Then colour as you wish…pretty flower pot is ready…

Town hall


(5) words : | TOWN | TRAIN | FADE | HEAR | HALL |

I just took the train,

to my lil town,

walked on the streets hoping to hear from some one known,

but, all in vain, look what I found….

The fading colors of the town hall,

make me feel low…

thinking of the days when we used to go,

get trained in classical dance,

and perform as free lance..

I can still hear the claps,

claps echoing in the hall..

filling my trainer’s heart with pride,

fading out the pain to train-

us all in the dying art of our very town…


This is about the dying art called Perini Shiva tandavam and the very old town hall of my town, where they used to perform this ancient art.