Paper craft

For the school project my daughter had to weave a basket and mat with paper…

Here’s the out come..

A clear view
Top view of the basket
Side view
Mat woven with quilling strips


A story using these words : decided, sprang, excited, snatched, chartered, puzzled, disappeared, scattered, unexpected and reached.

All these words directly pointing me to only one person…our new gymnastic hero..Dipa Karmakar. Read’s the story

Dipa at Rio

She was very much excited on her selection to the India Olympic squad. Nobody could snatch this golden oppurtunity from her. She took the chartered flight, along with other participants, and reached Rio,Brazil for the Summer Olympics. In the qualifying round, she sprang on the board, like a doll, puzzled everyone by great landing. She reached the final of vault gymnastics and became the first Indian to do this. In the final, she decided to give the best and also struck to her decission. But unexpected and exceptional later performances scattered her dream of winning the medal. Her name disappeared from the medallion board ..still she is a winner. A winner of 100million Indian hearts. She is a great fighter and now an inspiration to many others..she is our hero…she is Dipa Karmakar.

Guruvu – Teacher

“Gu ” ante “agyanam”; “ru” ante “tolaginchevaadu” ledaa “tarimevaadu”
Agyanaandhakaaraanni aavalaku tarimevaadu guruvu. Guruvunaku paryayapadame upaadhayudu. Evarikainaa toli guruvu “amme”. Amma ode mana toli badi. Manamu maàta, nadaka mariyu nadata nerchukunedi ikkade.

Toli  adugulu paddàaka mali adugulu badi vaipuke. Badiloni upaadhyayule mana mali (taruvata) guruvulu. Vividha vishayaalalo vigyanam penchi mana medhaku padunu pedataaru.  Mana  kalala soudhaaniki punaadulu vesedi vaare. Vigyana sourabhaala gandhaani manaku andinchedi vaare. Saamaajika spruhatobaatu manchi chedula taaratamyaalu(tedaalu) koodaa telipedi vaare. Mana vikaasaaniki mahopaakaram chesina mana guruvulanu manamennatikee maruvakoodadu.

Vaariki krutagnyatalu telipendu manamu 5 septemberna upaadhyayula dinotsavam jarupukuntaamu. Alaage aashada shudha pournamini gurupoojostavamgaa jarupukuntaamu. Kabatti kaneesam ee rendu rojullonainaa mana guruvulanu taluchukuni vaariki tappakundaa subhaakaankshalu  telapaali. Idi mana kartavyam koodaa.

My Birthday- a dairy entry


Today is my birthday and I have turned 8years old today. Mom n Dad have already bought me favourite dresses, shoes, clips and choclates. Today I got up a lil early, at 5.30am. Mom n granny gave me the traditional oil bath and then I wore my new dress. Granny and Grandpa have come to bless me. They gave me a Nice colouring set( I was longing for that). Then we went to the temple and performed lil pooja and took blessings from granny, grandpa, mom n Dad. Mom made all my favourite dishes. I then went to school. I distributed choclates in the class and everybody wished me. In the evening I came back at 4pm. Got refreshed. Dad  n mom made all arrangements for my birthday party. Mom decorated the house with balloons n colour papers. She also made yummy snacks and dinner for my friends. My friends came at 6pm and I then cut the cake. We had some fun games and then dinner. Everybody enjoyed the party and I received many gifts. Everyone left by 10pm. I was tired by then, but couldn’t stop myself from unpacking the gifts. I receivied more gifts than ever. But the best one was from my Mom n Dad, They bought me the doll house and my registration to the summer camp in Simla .Ah!! They love me a lot and I love them, its time to bed. I must say, it was my best birthday….

1. A dairy entry locks in all the memories. It is always refreshing to recollect the past happenings.
2. We can also learn from our mistakes.
3. We can always get back to the missing links with one glance of past events.

Suggestive steps to save Animal habitats

How to save the habitats of animals:

1. we have to study the deatils of each animal habitat. So that we can understand their ecosystem well.

2. we have to take the strigent steps to keep away pollution from the habitats.

3. enchrochement rules must also be made and violaters should be punished.

4. nature conservers groups must be formed .

5. awareness camps of conservation should be held.

6. Ecosystem of habitats should not be disturbed. Incase if it done, immediate control measures should be brought in place.

7. Animals at the verge of extinct must be identified and steps are to be taken to increase their population.

Innovation leads to transformation

      Only thing in the entire universe, that is sure to happen is “change”. No one can ever stop it. Initially, Change is opposed by many. But, when the hurdle of acceptance is answered by innovation, transformation is sure to happen.

       The electric blub, telephone, x rays are innovations that brought in transformation and opened the gates  to the current world, where we now live in. Dreaming bigger and better ignites the creative corners of the brain to innovate things that transform our lives to be more simpler n wiser and better.

       Necessicity is the mother of invention.Primitive man invented fire by rubbing stones. This transformed his way of eating n protecting himself from cold. He  cut logs of wood into circles n rolled them…this lead to the invention of wheel n transformed his way of  transportation…

      These were the two intial innovations that transformed the style of living. Then on, each necessisity, lead to creative thoughts. These thoughts, when given proper shape, resulted in the inventions that transformed our lives. Electricity, telephone n computer were the middle age inventions that transformed our lives. Now,we can hardly imagine our lives Without them.

        Advance of science n techonology had unlocked more n more mystries, giving wings to our creative thoughts And resulting in innumerous inventions. Inventions that have transformed us in to better, stronger n healtheir race So that now we are able to go insearch of new home for ourselves beyond our planet into the vast space….

Naaku nachhina Nayakudu

Mundundi nadipinchevaadu naayakudu..Nadisandrana unna naavaki chukkanilaa…Disana kanukkoleni vaariki, gamyanni, vaari gamananni mundundi nadipinchevaadu naayakudu. Kastaalaku eduroddi nilchuni, prati samasyaku parishkaaraanni konugoni, parivaaraanantatini okka taatipi nadipi, vaarini godugalle kaache vaadu Nayakudu.

Naaku nachhina naayakudu Narendra Modi. Yuva bharatanni tana bhujaskandaalapai mostoo vaari gamanaaniki disanu nerpinchi andulo taane mundundi nadipistunnadu.