Astonished face


If I could ever travel back in time,
I would just go to this mine,
filled with treasures,
reasons for pleasures,
And unlock the astonished face – built with rock, mortar n lime.


There was a man In rock n lime,
With dark eyes n wide open mouth – guarding the mine;
That is empty,
ofcourse  – dirty…
To ask him why? I wish to travel back in time



Are the summers fun???
There’s scorching Sun…
Mangoes sweet,
Jamines soul retreat…
Name it, enjoy it and always wait for your turn..,

Uncle’s stick making us run,
Under the stars waiting for granny’s story turn,
off from school,
In cousins pool,
So many memories taking the churn…

Never mind the Sun burn,
Keep on having the fun…
Its family time,
buttermilk with thyme…
oh!! Summers are fun and  wait year long for this turn…