tried with all day flight
finally could find shade on
sidewalk; so we rest

we now know what it
is like homeless…tired we are
so resting in shade

One night


In my backyard, staring at sky -i lay,
in the cooler breeze the trees n leaves sway,
was listening to what the sky stars say,
joining them to make images come what may,
to the crescent moon, twinkling stars I pray…

Its my bloggiveesary…

2 october,2016
Yes…its my first blogiversary-blogging anniversary;

I’m sorry that I’m unable to make it a very big post;But, there aren’t any words to put my happiness together…

It is because of you all that I’m able to achieve this…380 posts till date..make me feel proud if myself. Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for making me learn so many things..Thanks! Thanks n Thanks everyone for making this possible..



fall has come, ripped
all Her leaves- made her leaf less;
But not a life less…

leafless she just stands
the chilling winds; But with hope
that the spring would come

the spring would bring back
all her leaves and blooms, making
her smiles spread the cheers

leafless isn’t lifeless
hope always makes you stand – as,
after “fall” there’s “spring”!!