Painted perfection


Prompt words…
1. rain
2. young leaves
3. buds
4. mountain
5. silence
6. monk
7. river
8. summer breeze
9. she
10. snow

11. sparrow(s)
12. blue sky

in the pouring rain
young leaves get wet n refreshed
buds all set to bloom
mountain breeze sets up
silence and serenity
for a praying monk
river flowing down
rips of the hot summer breeze
she smiles like a bloom
on the snow clad trees
the sparrows sing songs of love
await a blue sky

This is Carpe diem full circle poem. Here there are
~ 12 words
~ each word to be used in each line in the chronological order
~ 4 haikus to be written with 5-7-5 syllable count for each of the haikus.