standing aloof from peers
milk beauty


different from others
milky toned


sniffing some danger
standing still

Tilus is a short poem, with
~ 3 lines
~ 6-3-1 is syllable count per line
~ line 3 is the summation of first two lines

They are in love


When you just scoop the secret,
why to regret,
No one shall let
You know they met…

That they met at the bend of road,
And then just rode,
Down the hill side,
In nature wide….

What more proof would you like to have??
Share if you have…
They are in love,
forever n now…
This is a Minute poem(60 syllables), with
~ 3 stanzas of 4 lines each
~ first line of each stanza has 8 syllables
~ 2,3 n 4 lines have 4 syllables each
~ aabb ccdd eeff is the rhyme scheme

Ennallani orustam??


Pakkalo ballemole,
manchamloni nallula vole…
Mana netturu taagutunte,
Ennallani orustam?? Inkennallani orustam??

Shanthi, ahimsa antoo,
Mana jawanla batukulu,
Enduku eraga vestaaamu??
Ennallani orustam?? Inkennallani orustam??

Mana netturuki vedundani,
Chempanu choopatam kaadu,
ghaatuga tirigiyyagalamani,
endukani cheppatamledu??
Tirigi endukani cheppatamledu??

Cheedapurugu sokina chenuku mandulu kottinattu,
Puchhina chetini teganarikinattu,
Eripaareddam aa cheedapuruguni,
nalipeddam aa narhantaka nallulani…
Ennallani orustam?? Inkennallani orustam??

Kaasmeeram manade, aa himanagam manade,
Sindoonadi manade, srinagaram manade…
Avi maavantoo vaagina gontullo,
Oochalanu dimpudaam,
Vaatikai aarrulujaaste,
Naalukalu koseddam…
Ennallani orustam?? Inkennallani orustam??