Lucy learnt to live with her loneliness. But, whenever she couldn’t bear that pain, she visited their farm. Now there wasn’t anybody living there so the house was almost ruined and farm turned out to a lil jungle. She walked through the lane to the pond, sat there, thinking of the days when she used to talk to the ducks, play with the squirrels.

She sat there, thinking of her parents. The nature soothed her pain. The greenery treated her eyes. The floral scents relieved her of the stress. This time it was different, it was more peaceful. She had now made her decision.

She wanted to bring back the glory of her farm. The farm, that was her parents possession. Their home. She gave an ad in the paper for a caretaker. Many responded to the ad. Of them, Lucy was impressed by Christopher. Christopher had a small family, a wife and two children. They were poor yet honest and were bonded by love. Lucy could really attach herself to Christopher’s family.

Soon, Christopher’s family shifted to the farm. They worked hard to revive the lost status of the farm. Now again, Lucy’s “gate to happiness” reopened and was warm again receiving guests.

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Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

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