Lil Lucy


Luther and Cynthea were married. They moved to the farm land,  away from the town. They together made that lil land – a paradise. It was lush green and the floral scents filled the air. The pond in the center of the farm added to the beauty. Everyone who passed by, couldn’t stop themselves from entering this farm. They would find solace in the nature’s lap.

Luthe r n Cynthea were a warm hearted couple. They recieved their  guests very well and ensured that their stay was a great refreshment. Slowly, their farm turned a holiday home for many. They were very happy. The only discontent was that they had no children.

After 14 long years, Luther n Cynthea were blessed with a baby girl. They named her  “LUCY” – “lu” from Luther n “cy” from Cynthea. Luçy was a cute lil girl and her parents made sure that she had everything. She was the jewel of their eyes. The guests, who dropped in also enjoyed lil Luçy’s company.

The ducks, sheep n cow were all her friends. Under the open sky, she used count stars sitting in Cynthea’s lap. As she grew lil older, she always insisted her parents to bring her. Baby,  to play with her. Helpless Luther n Cynthea couldn’t really explain the reason to her. Slowly Luçy learnt to kill her loneliness.

Time rolled on,  Luçy turned 16. Luther passed away due to sudden illness and this sent in shock vibes to Cynthea. She was So fejected that she could hardly recognise or talk to anyone. So, Lucy’s uncle took them to the town, to stay with him. Cynthea also passed away in no time. Luçy was managing the farm with the help of her Uncle.

People stopped coming to stay at the farm, as there was no one to attend. Loneliness reigned Luçy’s life. She had to sell her farm friends. Her Uncle had to move to another town and Luçy rejected to join him. She prefered to be all alone. Loneliness was her only companion.


This is how the story of lil Luçy began. You can read more about her at The Gate and  First Kiss

Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

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