Neevu mrtyukougili loki melliga cherutunnavu.

Jeevana yaanam saaginchakapote,
Vidyaabhyaasam cheyakapote,
Nee jeevaanunaadam aalakinchakapote,
Ninnu neevu mechhukolekapote,
Neevu mrtyukougili loki melliga cherutunnavu.

Nee aatmaabhimaanaanni champukunte,
Inkevari saayam teesukolekapote,
Neevu mrtyukougili loki melliga cherutunnavu.

Nee alavaatlaku neeve baanisaipote,
Tirigi ave daarullo nadoostoonte,
Nee dinacharyanu maarchukolekapote,
Ververu Rangulanu neevu vesukokapote,
Neeverugani vaarini palakarinchalekapote,
Neevu mrtyukougili loki melliga cherutunnavu.

Premanu aaswadinchalekapote,
Anduloni bhaavaanni anubhooti chendakapote,
Aa bhaavam nee kanti merupavakkapote,
Nee gunde aa layanu andukokapote,
Neevu mrtyukougili loki melliga cherutunnavu.

Andani daanikai prayatnam maanukunte,
Nee kalala kosam parigettakapote,
Neeku neeve avakaasammivvakapote,
Jeevitamlo Okkasaaraina
Neevu mrtyukougili loki melliga cherutunnavu.

Jeevitaanni preminchu, ninnu neevu preminchuko!!

* This is a true translation of the original work. * Idi anuvaadam maatrame.
Original Author: Pablo Neruda(Spanish poet )
Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971
His Poem: ” You start dying Slowly “

You start dying slowly ;
if you do not travel,
if you do not read,
If you do not listen to the sounds of life,
If you do not appreciate yourself.
You start dying slowly:

When you kill your self-esteem,
When you do not let others help you.
You start dying slowly ;

If you become a slave of your habits,
Walking everyday on the same paths…
If you do not change your routine,
If you do not wear different colours
Or you do not speak to those you don’t know.
You start dying slowly:

If you avoid to feel passion
And their turbulent emotions;
Those which make your eyes glisten
And your heart beat fast.
You start dying slowly:

If you do not risk what is safe for the uncertain,
If you do not go after a dream,
If you do not allow yourself,
At least once in your lifetime,
To run away…..
You start dying Slowly !!!

Love your life Love yourself…“

Guruvu – Teacher

“Gu ” ante “agyanam”; “ru” ante “tolaginchevaadu” ledaa “tarimevaadu”
Agyanaandhakaaraanni aavalaku tarimevaadu guruvu. Guruvunaku paryayapadame upaadhayudu. Evarikainaa toli guruvu “amme”. Amma ode mana toli badi. Manamu maàta, nadaka mariyu nadata nerchukunedi ikkade.

Toli  adugulu paddàaka mali adugulu badi vaipuke. Badiloni upaadhyayule mana mali (taruvata) guruvulu. Vividha vishayaalalo vigyanam penchi mana medhaku padunu pedataaru.  Mana  kalala soudhaaniki punaadulu vesedi vaare. Vigyana sourabhaala gandhaani manaku andinchedi vaare. Saamaajika spruhatobaatu manchi chedula taaratamyaalu(tedaalu) koodaa telipedi vaare. Mana vikaasaaniki mahopaakaram chesina mana guruvulanu manamennatikee maruvakoodadu.

Vaariki krutagnyatalu telipendu manamu 5 septemberna upaadhyayula dinotsavam jarupukuntaamu. Alaage aashada shudha pournamini gurupoojostavamgaa jarupukuntaamu. Kabatti kaneesam ee rendu rojullonainaa mana guruvulanu taluchukuni vaariki tappakundaa subhaakaankshalu  telapaali. Idi mana kartavyam koodaa.

The rain


Prompt words: Rain, red, relentless, river, regrets.

Relentless rain, made the river flow,
Flow in a way breaching all banks,
Banks that are with red soils and lives,
Lives that were dependent on river,
River -that is a part of their life,
Punishing them for all they dumped,
taking away in her flow – their lives,
It really now has no regrets!!

How can you?



How can you lay your hand??
On the young roses that laugh..
In the rain and during the spring,
How can you lay your hand??
To make them die soon,
Even before they met the moon..
How can you lay your hand??
On the young roses that laugh..

How can you lay your hand??
On the young roses that laugh..
Pleasing your hearts…
How can you lay your hand??
Before they fill the air with scents,
And before they could bloom full,
How can you lay your hand??
On the young roses that laugh..

My Birthday- a dairy entry


Today is my birthday and I have turned 8years old today. Mom n Dad have already bought me favourite dresses, shoes, clips and choclates. Today I got up a lil early, at 5.30am. Mom n granny gave me the traditional oil bath and then I wore my new dress. Granny and Grandpa have come to bless me. They gave me a Nice colouring set( I was longing for that). Then we went to the temple and performed lil pooja and took blessings from granny, grandpa, mom n Dad. Mom made all my favourite dishes. I then went to school. I distributed choclates in the class and everybody wished me. In the evening I came back at 4pm. Got refreshed. Dad  n mom made all arrangements for my birthday party. Mom decorated the house with balloons n colour papers. She also made yummy snacks and dinner for my friends. My friends came at 6pm and I then cut the cake. We had some fun games and then dinner. Everybody enjoyed the party and I received many gifts. Everyone left by 10pm. I was tired by then, but couldn’t stop myself from unpacking the gifts. I receivied more gifts than ever. But the best one was from my Mom n Dad, They bought me the doll house and my registration to the summer camp in Simla .Ah!! They love me a lot and I love them, its time to bed. I must say, it was my best birthday….

1. A dairy entry locks in all the memories. It is always refreshing to recollect the past happenings.
2. We can also learn from our mistakes.
3. We can always get back to the missing links with one glance of past events.

Suggestive steps to save Animal habitats

How to save the habitats of animals:

1. we have to study the deatils of each animal habitat. So that we can understand their ecosystem well.

2. we have to take the strigent steps to keep away pollution from the habitats.

3. enchrochement rules must also be made and violaters should be punished.

4. nature conservers groups must be formed .

5. awareness camps of conservation should be held.

6. Ecosystem of habitats should not be disturbed. Incase if it done, immediate control measures should be brought in place.

7. Animals at the verge of extinct must be identified and steps are to be taken to increase their population.

Home Coming


      13years have passed. Luther n Cynthea had enjoyed each and every bit of their life together. But, being childless was the only thing that had been ringing in their minds. This time, they planned for a wheat crop. Things went right and the crop was good.

       Luther n Cynthea were happy. They were ready for the reaping some time during the next fortnight. They were making the necessary arrangements, as usual. Next day, suddenly, they noticed this way made in the field. They couldn’t find anything around. So, They came back home.

      That night Cynthea heard a baby’s voice saying “mama! I’m coming…” it was very clear. She woke up and found that no one was around. All night she could hear the same voice. Next morning she told Luther about the voice. Luther smiled back at her and said that He too had heard the voice. Then On, they frequently heard that voice.

        Few days passed and Cynthea started feeling tired. So Luther insisted her to visit a doctor. Reluctant Cynthea went for the visit. Doctor gave her the news that she was expecting. Luther n Cynthea were very happy.

       The crop was rich and So were their lives. They were blessed with a baby girl that too on their 14th anniversary. They named her Luçy.


Wanna know more about Luther, Cynthea and Luçy?? Please read them as Lil Lucy, The Gate and First Kiss



naa talli telangaana medalo
pachhalu podigenduke ee haritodyamam….

guppuna karbanamodulutunai
ballu kaarkhaanalu,
oopuri salapaneekunnai
janaavaasala ranagonadwanulu,
veeti nadumana jikki
kaalakootam mingutunnam…

pachhani chettaite,
karbanamtaa tini, praanavaayu nistundi,
mandutendalo godugai kaastundi,
moham chaatese mabbunu-
pilichi, laalinchi – kuriselaa chestundi…

anduke pratina boonudaam,
harita haaramlo bhaagamai
mokkalni penchudaam…
bhaavitaaralanu batukanniddam,
talli telangaana medalo haritahaarameddam…

talli telangaana medalo
pachhalu podigenduku ee haritodyamam…

Innovation leads to transformation

      Only thing in the entire universe, that is sure to happen is “change”. No one can ever stop it. Initially, Change is opposed by many. But, when the hurdle of acceptance is answered by innovation, transformation is sure to happen.

       The electric blub, telephone, x rays are innovations that brought in transformation and opened the gates  to the current world, where we now live in. Dreaming bigger and better ignites the creative corners of the brain to innovate things that transform our lives to be more simpler n wiser and better.

       Necessicity is the mother of invention.Primitive man invented fire by rubbing stones. This transformed his way of eating n protecting himself from cold. He  cut logs of wood into circles n rolled them…this lead to the invention of wheel n transformed his way of  transportation…

      These were the two intial innovations that transformed the style of living. Then on, each necessisity, lead to creative thoughts. These thoughts, when given proper shape, resulted in the inventions that transformed our lives. Electricity, telephone n computer were the middle age inventions that transformed our lives. Now,we can hardly imagine our lives Without them.

        Advance of science n techonology had unlocked more n more mystries, giving wings to our creative thoughts And resulting in innumerous inventions. Inventions that have transformed us in to better, stronger n healtheir race So that now we are able to go insearch of new home for ourselves beyond our planet into the vast space….