On earth, under the Satan’s rule people turned rude and harsh. There wasn’t any mutual respect or concern. They were killing each other and destroying everything for no reason. Concerned God, sent Annlie, his love Angel, to speak to them.

   “Dear Annlie! I want you to go my children, there on the earth, and give them my very special message. You are angel of love, So it wouldn’t be a tough job for you…” said God, to his messenger Annlie.”Ask them not to fight among themselves,  for silly reasons. They are all brothers and So are equal.”- He continued.

    Annlie, came down to earth, spoke to people. She spread her wings, spread the warmth of concern. She sang them the songs of care n love. But, Satan’s spell was stronger. Vengence filled the air. Satan’s followers caught hold of Annlie. Tied her in chains and infront of the people and burnt her to death. He then told the people that this was the punishment for what she has done. Innocent people believed Satan to be their lord and praised him for this act.

Disturbed God, called his other messengers. Angels of war, fire and wind this time. “Dear messengers, you say what has happened to Annlie. Now listen, just go to the Earth, do all that you can. Vex my misguided children, vex their lord n his followers. They got to learn what they have lost. This is retribution for their wild act.” He then sat down to watch what was going to happen.


Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

11 thoughts on “Retribution”

      1. It reads like a folk story, which is what I imagine you intended. If you want a critical judgement, it seems to lack a focus. Who is the central character? God is the only character to speak, so logically is the most important. I think the story would be more balanced if it ended with God’s reaction to Annlie’s death.


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