Winter on its way


The light is gone, day slipped slowly
Into the dark night’s lap steadily…
Seasons don’t really effect this rhyme…

Fall has come to take leaves swiftly
Leaving the barks empty – completly…
Winter bells are ringing in chyme…

Drenched are the fallen solely…
With the light fading up quickly…
For sure its a winter night’s time…..

Come let’s all see the colours setting…
For the white winter is in getting..

* This is trilonnet.It has eight syllables per line, and three stanzas of three lines. The rhyme pattern has the first lines of each stanza rhyme, the second lines, and the third. The last couplet rhymes with itself.

Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

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