My Love..


“You are the love of my life “,dear!!
I wish I told this to you, when you were near,
I can’t bid you good bye,
With tears in my eye,
There isn’t any farewell, as there isn’t any fear…

Fear of anyone , to tear us apart,
I can’t just let you depart,
be my love,
forever n now,
You are always the queen of heart…..

New beginning


Here’s a new dawn my dear,
filling in the warmth of a promise…
Promise of a new n better beginning…
Beginning that is quite near,
An oppurtunity that you can’t dare to miss…
Come let’s grab it together
As we sail n we sing,
A dawn signning a new beginning forever…
* This is a “san san” – an eight line poem using three images/words repeated three times and a rhyme scheme that goes: abcabdcd.

* This is also from the Nine Waves series

From the Indian Southern plain….


(5) Words: | PLAIN | LAUGH | SITE | ROCK | SECRET |

On the Indian southern plain,
Is this temple site; the rock in diety slain
helps to untwine
the Secret magic wine
n bring back the laugh to ones lips removing all the pain..
This is about “The Brihadeeswarar Temple”, (Also known as Black Magic Removal Temple) was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1987. Brihaddisvara Temple a place of deep India Occult Black Magic that leads to unknown harmony and prosperity, The black magic occult temple is a source, for finding freedom from Black Magic attack using ancient powerful remedies of ancient temple of Brihadeeswarar Temple. ContactUs:( Website:(

Nine Waves Constanza


Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
Here is the carol of our lives,
As we sail on watery hives….

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
Our tears have added the taste,
We just get nothing in haste…

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
Colors of life spilled on waters,
We really know what it caters…

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
We do pray for a simple catch,
And for the safety of our yatch…

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
We sail along with the winds,
Though there’s our family in minds.. ..

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
The breeze does sing lullaby to us,
But we know how it creates a fuss….

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
We can just take any pain,
though very lil is what we gain….

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa,
On the high n low tides,
We just take our rides…

Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa…
Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa…
Hailesso oo, hailessaa aa..

This is a Constanza of Nine Waves Series



(5) Words: | SPACE | FRIEND | EVENT | MOVE | AIM |

A true friend is the one,
      fills in the empty spaces of our lives,
      Moves as a shadow in our hays n greys,
      Makes every event a moment to cherish…
      Gives you wings to reach your aim,
      Feels all that, words can never tell…
Friends are the pebbles on the shores of memories,
Your age would really make you old,
But, the number of friends you hold…