Beauty in dreams.. Nove otto


There’s beauty in all dreams,
As we sail on silvery moon beams,
New worlds open wide letting us in…
Our fantasies flow out in streams,
In the dark night – as the star gleams,
The sky starts wearing a new skin.
There would be all creative themes,.
Nature seems to be making teams,
As we slowly glide and slide in…

As sun slips out of the schemes,
We start churning our fantasy creams,
Weaving gold on those butterfly wings,
We might get caught in witchy screams,
Or be kings n queens, to feel supreme,
In praise of us does the cuckoo sings,
Belive, they are all fradulent schemes,
For, worlds unknown would just seem,
Never ending and in continuous rings…

—————————————————-This is Nove Otto of  Beauty in Dreams

Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

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