Nine Waves in a Cleave verse


Sun was sinking into / the sea so deep,
Spilling gold over / the waves so blue,
The sky n sea / getting together,
Colors so beautiful / seemed to be making love,
Set the rainbow feel/ in a summer shower

This is a Cleave poem of Nine Waves

Mother…A hope in all resorts..


She shares her life,
Happily undergoes a knife,
In death pain,
With a smile again,
With maximum hope to bring us to this strife…

May be she’s educated,
Or may really be uneducated,
She is the pope,
And our last hope,
when we fail in all phases of life truncated….

“Mother” is a teacher,
She is also a preacher,
Our soul strength,
Through life length,
a never dying hope for our well being in any literature…

God couldn't be present everywhere, to take care of us...So, he sent mother to do that for him...

© SriSudha K

“Miss U” my friend

Friends & Shiver – Haiku word prompt


I was left as shiver,
As I broke the trust of my friend,
All in unknown quiver

Without you my friend
I’m just another leftover shiver
Please forgive me dear….


Please refer

shiver: one of the small pieces into which a brittle thing is broken by sudden violence

© SriSudha K

Amusing Indian Captain’s…


(5) Words: | TEST | POTION | MUSE | OWN | SIGN |

Dhoni being the muse,
virat took the captain’s potion,
To make his own test proposition,
Signning in the fresh contract option….

Virat took the captain’s potion,
Made his own sign on the nation,
stood as a muse, an inspiration,
Passing the tests with distinction…
To know more about this young cricketer please CLICK HERE

© SriSudha K