Street she chose…

Sea shell relics...a beautiful art...

It was an ancient Art in fact,
With the sea shells,
She sells,
Took troubles to put n to gather,
Put it in shape,safely in her shelf,
Her self-
Shells from all around,
And round…still silent,
Her thoughts and found a way
And to make a mark yet
Street she chose…

Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

6 thoughts on “Street she chose…”

  1. Sri, I apologize, just discovered your link. Didn’t think to look on the post you left the Link. So pleased I wanted to check something on the post.

    I love the echo in your poem. It flows so well and the short echo each time appearing, accents the poem. Your poem has a marvelous clever way of presenting its tale.

    I thought I would let you know I usually check out all the contributions on Friday – Saturday or Sunday from the comments of the post of the DOOR posted each Monday. I am often bad at checking my blog as often as I would like. Trying to write, paint, and work on my own wildness that calls me. So if I am remiss on checking frequently, that is the reason. Also, I spend time created my blog posts. Some take quite some time. I will look out for your Links and I do look forward to seeing, reading, and absorbing what you and everyone else creates. = jk

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    1. No problem…. everyone has their ties..I do understand. good to know that you are quite busy with the arts of your choice. I am new to blogging, just about 120days here..but i always keep doing something. This is a great platform to share all that we create and also get appreciated. We can improve our writing skills by constant reading of multiple posts and of course follow things of our choice….thanks a lot for appreciating my echo attempt….

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      1. I am ha[[y to have you joining all who participate. It is fun and always a true challenge. Putting the heart mind & soul & fun and passion adds to the joy & sometimes sadness. Anything goes. Write whatever reaction occurs to you. Play with the words. I have many methods. Everyone has or finds many ways. I say have fun. Discover. Blogging comes on gradually, also. Find what you want to express and do that. Change if you want to as you go along. Don’t be discouraged. Some start fast – some slow. Point is to do whar you want. – jk

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