Care..the key to unlock the blocks in a relationship..

Yes it is care,that can really unlock the blocks in a relationship.
      Care for everything,
Care for your partners feelings – this will make you  wonderful person and also pave the way for better communication,
Care for the needs of each other – this will help in cooperation and coordination, and make your partner remain committed,
Care for the inabilities  of your partner – this will lay a strong foundation in moulding yourself, and acceptance is the blessing you receive.
Care for everyone around – this will create the sense of commitment in your relationship and will definitely help you weave a lovely nest for your relationship to flourish.
   Just take care…you will, for sure, enjoy the bliss of your relationship.

Posted by Sri Sudha from WordPress

Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

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