Me n you forever…


That very day,
On knees he went,
Held my hand –
And he asked,
“Will you be mine forever?”
Tell me my dear…

To love forever,
Hold me up,
Tight in –
My cheers n tears..
Fill me up…

I said-
I too shall do,
Just me,
And you,
Get wound in other,

Our Republic day parade…

On the foggy Rajpath lane,

as there are floral showers from the plane,

with pomp and gaite,

we all celebrate,

our republic day, hearts filled with mist of pride, though the weather is insane.


The dense fog doesn’t deter our intention,

just becomes a part of the emotion,

when the army brigades,

and the colorful charades,

come singing and dancing, all along the rajpath lane, a real honour to our nation.



Like a pearl on a string…

My favourite line is from Mrs.Sarojini Naidu’s Palanquin Bearers : we bear her along, like a pearl on a string…


Draped in richest silks,
Head bent in shy,
Tears rolling down her cheeks,
We took her up to fly,
Swiftly n softly we bear her along,

gaily, o gaily, we glide and we sing,
We bear along, like a pearl on a string.

She sways like a feather, in the crown of a prince,
She smells like the weather, so pure n rinse,
Swiftly n softly we bear her along,

gaily, o gaily, we glide and we sing,
We bear along, like a pearl on a string.

She blooms like a bud, in the drizzle of our song,
She looms like the mud, under the potter’s tong,
Swiftly n softly we bear her along,

gaily, o gaily, we glide and we sing,

We bear along, like a pearl on a string.

She beams like a ray,to brighten up the sky,
She seams like the say,that cast a spell on thy,
Swiftly n softly we bear her along,

gaily, o gaily, we glide and we sing,
We bear along, like a pearl on a string.

She is the sweetest of smiles, we’ve ever seen,
She is the richest of jewels, one has ever worn,
She is the lightest of weights, we’ve ever born,
She is the best of words, one could ever mean,
Swiftly n softly we bear her along,

gaily, O gaily, we glide and we sing,
We bear along, like a pearl on a string.

Lemonade bun,drizzled with honey


Under the scorching summer sun,
I baked a lemonade bun,
As written on slate,
Decorated the plate,
Drizzled it wid honey and just waited for my turn….


On a foggy morning, on my kitchen counter they lay,

fresh lemons n oranges, in a tray,

sipping mountain dew,

I learnt some lessons new,

baked a lemonade bun, drizzled it with honey: “WOW! this really made my day”


“MIST” being the prompt I take,

here is the lemonade bun I bake,

sipping mountain dew,

ideas new started to brew,

drizzled the bun with honey, fogged it up in orange mist and finally made it look a cake!!



A magicial way…

As I lit a lamp and sat down to pray,
In the utter silence, I heard it say,
Its lust and lure,
That makes your hearts impure..
“I’m hope-the true magical way,to drive that darkness away”

One more Limerick for the word prompt “magic” is here :

When both the flames merged,
A smoky heart emerged,
Beyond all the logic,
We started the journey together,by getting engaged



Naa mallelu,rojaalu,kaluvalu mariyu…chemantula gandaaniki murisi,
maavi toranaalu todigina,
Aa kovelaloni perumaallu,
Cheppi pampenaa neeku,
Varaala jallu kuripinchmani,
MEGHAMAI niginallinaavu,
Chinukai karigi naa daaaham teerchipovamma,
Nee challani jallulato maa ullamulu muripinchipovamma…
Meghamaa..Ika neevu,varshinchavamma..
Challanga mammu deevinchavamma…

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Limerick… never ending,everlasting and immortal


I have been posting for Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry Challenge for the past four weeks,but never new what a Limerick was. Now that I have learnt what a Limerick is, this is my first try for this week’s prompt: Immortal

Week after week, when a prompt is given,
words from our minds and lives come driven,
To this very portal,
and just become immortal,
I wish this series is never-ending, everlasting n infinitely written;

Now that I have learnt what Limericks are.. let me tell you how they are written:

Welcome to be magical world of limericks,
They are five lines of word bricks,
One,two n five end in a rhyme,
Three n four are crisp n chime,
Fifth is the icing on top,that collects all the emotional sticks.


With Rashmi’s inspiration,
I just added a new section,
In my blog,
A permanent log,
Called the Limericks,my new found destination.

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The five C’s of a beautiful relationship…

After enjoying 12 years of wedding bliss and being blessed three lovely children, I’m definitely in a position to tell you about the five C’s can make your relationship successful. The five C’s I’m talking about are.. Commitment, Coordination, Cooperation, Communication and Care(please check the links to each of these C’s in my earlier posts. Each of it has been detailed in those links)
     If you really are looking for a long standing relationship that you would like to have for a life time , then you must definitely dive in these five  C’s I was talking about.
   This is purely based on my personal experience and I just wanted to help the people who really are in search of help to improve or just trying to make  relationship work. All the best!!!

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Happiness could really be like…

Happiness could really be …
A friendship made, a memory that doesn’t fade,
A promise kept, a fear that left,
A dream cherished, a target accomplished,
A love forever, a journey together,

Its just like…
A fireplace in chilling night,
A shade in scorching sun,
An umbrella in pouring rain…
A song sung, a lyric written,
An artifact made, a poem penned,

Happiness is…
Beauty in all that we see,
Love in all that we do,
Care for all that we have,
Share of what we make…


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