Ñecessity is the Mother of all Inventions: avasaram anne nerputundi

So true,its very human nature that you don’t learn most things unless and until there is an atmost need.
        Just look at a new born baby…he is brought into this world through his mother and till the earlier months, approximately upto 6months,all it need is the feed from his mother. So,nothing bothers the baby except the absence of his mother. Once the baby is given additional feed…So many things suddenly enter its life..it needs teeth to chew,or just bite…it needs water So as to fulfill thirst..needs signals,or signs to indicate what it wants. These changes make the baby learn the language of gestures and ofcourse some words So as to communicate. See, necessity made the baby learn the way to communicate.
        Now, let’s just see why the baby starts crawling. It is the necessity to strech its legs and hands just to reach out for new things. Slowly, baby starts learning to stand and then take few steps. It is all to fulfill the sheer necessity of the baby. When years roll on baby starts communicating in the language ita parents use,but when put to school the baby starts learning the new language and also new subjects. A tamil boy ,living in delhi, must learn hindi to communicate. He has no other option available. This necessity will definetly make him learn hindi.
      Dear all,please never forget that necessity is a hard teacher. It will definetly make you learn things,Even against your will. This hurts. So, if there is a chance to learn lifeskills,please utilise the wiser,rather the elder peoples advices. Don’t ever push yourself to the utmost dirty situation,like mine, where your self respect gets badly hurt.
      It is being said that, a wise man learns from the experience of others, and fool from his own. I hope you got my point…

Sri Sudha from wordpress.com


Author: Sri Sudha K

So many things keep me busy...but I just found a way to store them forever. There is so much of Telugu in here as I just love my mothertongue....

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